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Edición de 2019 en inglés en HTML.

This is a document I wrote in early 1984 at the behest of the System Development Foundation as part of Xanadu’s quest for funding. It is a detailed explanation of the Xanadu architecture, its core data structures, and the theory that underlies those data structures, along with a (really quite laughable) project plan for completing the system.

At the time, we regarded all the internal details of how Xanadu worked as deep and dark trade secrets, mostly because in that pre- open source era we were stupid about intellectual property. As a consequence of this foolish secretive stance, it was never widely circulated and subsequently disappeared into the archives, apparently lost for all time. Until today!

Chip Morningstar, “A Lost Treasure of Xanadu”, 2019-03-09.

This is a new edition by Alberto González Palomo of the Xanadu System Proposal written by Chip Morningstar in 1984, from the only known remaining copy which was printed on 1984-04-25 at 12:45 PDT.

It contains vector graphics instead of the original ASCII diagram, and corrects small grammatical and print errors.

It also features an instance of Douglas Engelbart’s implicit links, automatically linking all appearance of certain terms to their definitions elsewhere in this document.

Please note that the dire curse on the original has been lifted, and the Xanadu materials, including the original for this text, are released under the MIT license.

This edition is relased under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

“Xanadu®” and the Eternal-Flaming-X logo are registered trademarks of Project Xanadu.